I had a bad day...

Today is the very first day of orientation...
It supposed to be a very unforgettable memories...
but now, it become as a nightmare.
Could anyone be wiling to teach me English?
I really need to improve my English
in a very short period.

No matter what I do
even burn the mid night oil to study
it is still a hard nut to crack....
All my classmates can speak fluent English
What a shame...
Someone told me
We cannot change the cards we are dealt
just how we play the hand
I strongly agree with this
but even if the card I had dealt is good enough
I still lose the game as I don't know haw to play it!
Damn sad you know...

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don't throw in the cards~!
as the famous saying goes,"where there is a will,there is always a dream"
if u think u can,you can~!

Fion Chow said...

ok...let me tell you my EXPERIENCE
its the same okay...i felt to SHUT UP in the very 1st day..and i made many many mistakes and grammar sort of things..hey...lawyers do speak out their thoughts..and all of my classmates talk to me all kind of stuff...so i juz felt that i belong to that place and i should talk..though mine is not that good, i still speak!!!comrades...be strong be tough...XD

董百勤 said...

Never mind

at least you have try your best

If you really want to improve your english tremendously

then read a lot of englisg novel
sure will help.

LiJi Ng said...

dude, ur blog got quite some grammatical errors.
Dare to speak,
it's nothing to be wrong and
it's wrong if u speak nothing!
Speaking is all bout training.

类私理 said...

To be honest to you... My english also considered suck!!!

明仔(Anson) said...

Dun worry...U can do it...
U jz started ur 1st journey only...still have a lot of time to improve it...dun worry so much...
u will used to it once u start to read at the English Law book everyday...

Louis said...

my eng poor also,
bt dun give up is the main point,
must trust 2 yourself,
if nt anythg bcom useless also,
just follow your sense 2 do watever u like...
gd luck

千旋之乐 said...



星影 said...

Wow... You use a lot of phrases like 'burn mid-night oil'~ That's good already.
The problem is grammar, hm...
ex: 3rd row, it become(s)
And, don't mix up English and Chinese, it should be 'it is still a hard nut to crack' instead of 'it still is a hard nut to crack'.
Work up on adverbs and verbs too, like.. 'strongly agree' instead of 'strong agree'. I think there should be a better word to replace 'strongly' though.

Hope you find this helpful ^^

伊娃 said...

I'm havin this bad feel in me oso.
Last year went i go for foundation class..most of them are bananas..all speak english..i find it hard to communicate wif them..

till now oso..i dont think my eng got improved as my business degree got many ppl speak in mandarin. i think we have to force ourselves to speak eng den only we can improve.try mix wif those bananas.
dare to speak.dare to make mistake.

last time i joined the "law olympiad" competition, i got chance to meet the people from law dept..wow..they spoke like machine gun..their eng are very good.at tat time, i confirmed that law is definitely not my choice.lolz.

btw today i saw law dept orientation doing campus tour.but din see u.lolz.

good luck ya.

ah_man said...

don't worry about that.
that is doesn't matter~
you can improve your english
through your study in future,
don't worry~
cheer up!

ah_man said...

don't worry about that.
that is doesn't matter~
you can improve your english
through your study in future,
don't worry~
cheer up!

Anonymous said...

all using english language for leave comment...
dont worry much
we also is learning one...
now learning also not too late what isn't?
mz believe that you can de
have a good learning ya...

imjson said...

take it easy dude, as Rome is not built in one day..
sometimes, we are learning from experience and mistakes..
speak more no matter what,and it really helps
cheers dude!! ^^

imjson said...

i don't think it's a bad day for you~
you know why? because you've realized your weakness and you are going to make effort on it~

杰胜 said...

dont panic ya... it juz a good begining for u... many things that u have to learn... try ur best to play the card... u will success search the way one day later... good luck to u...

HansonLi said...

speak more
and don't care about the vocabulary for now
try to focus on your grammar first
once you can speak simple English fluently then only you start to use better vocabulary

阿梦 said...

don't so worry it dear brother...
anything will become okay and better after you learn and practice always.

first time should be very trouble for communicate and the project, but as time go by, you will be fluent in them.

i also very poor in English, until today also still in learning..

take it easy guy, let nature to take it course...

add oil....

发白日梦^^ said...

don't worry on it!actually it can be learn as fast as u want!i learn my english through listening english song and learn how they pronounce those word in their song!

start from now,u hav to speak more english with ur friends o whoever,so that u can improve fast!

really not too late!!

KazkiBear said...

lol..nt a bad day la..y dun make it as a lesson in ur life?? try nt 2 force urself on improvin ur english..chat more by using english lo..haha

彩虹王子,joel said...

read english book!!!

布莱恩 said...

Wow, it is first time I see your blog with English version. As a Mandirin oriented school leaver, your English hand writing is good enough to attend the college class. However, you are not quite comfortable yet to make friends with those whom are English-educated. So, you need to be ready to practise speaking out loud in English no matter how bad the grammar or accent. From time to time you will have guts to talk for whatever topic with whoever in wherever on whenever.

It is just a time factor but not any confidence issue to speak out fluently and meaningfully. Besides, you are lucky enough to join the course with most of the Bananas, when no one speak your mother tongue with you, you will talk in English eventually. So, It is a golden opportunity but not a threat yet!

Anyway, I still like to read your blog in Chinese.

狮子Chuen said...




翔羚 said...


i dunno wat u r saying...

穷光蛋市长 said...

我也是要加强我的英文!我的老师每天在我面前说:“ If you think you can , you can!”不然就是:“You can do it!”

七仔 CJ said...

Just take yr time la wei..
U cant improve just in a moment!
jia you yea~~
CJ pray hard for you.. ^^

Secret Garden said...

Dude, don't be so upset.
As long as you can keep your sentences short, simple and accurate, it will be good enough.
Keep it up!!

阿紫 said...

hey there, never panic for this kind of situation. Really! I face it before and even now. Althought i cant speak very well in english (duno how can i get band 5 in MUET =.=) jus give it a try to speak more with them.

First it might a bit cacat when u are speaking, dun get panic and do it continuously, it hep lots.

Add oil anyway! i will waord hard with u too =)

tom said...

no worries lar...
bt sumtimes i oso very hate ppl kek gao gao reply me wt english when i speak chinese to them.(to PROOF thier standard)...
anyway to improve ur english language,read more, speak more n write more...
be more hardworking, u can do it...
gambatea ya...

Kaido said...


不好意思,太就久没有上来了,刚旅行回来>.< 错过了儿子的大日子。

安德瓦特[稀客] said...

my english also vry poor geh >.<
ned to improve my english >.<

ßlυeÿe 小蓝 said...


明仔(Anson) said...


幸福王子 said...

u will be used to it after a period of time ~

everyone need a timing to evolve~

give urself sometime ~

小丑 said...

The english you used in this post is fair enough for me.It needs time.we always know that.

It has been my 7th interview article, and yet I still get criticized that the article shows no point.

It's a sad day to me. An angel lands with broken wings, so ugly like me.

Nick尼克仔 said...

瑜,thank you very much...I will try my best to achieve my own dream!

Fion Chow,I think will follow your step...but it's need much of brave to say the first word...but I will try my best la~

百勤,actually I do read a lot of novel...but don't know why it doesn't help me so much...but however, thanks a lot of your suggestion~

Lizzie,I know...That's why I want you all to correct my mistake...please kindly remind me if there is any mistake...

类私理,Than you and me need to improve our English lo~But English really damn hard to master...

明仔,if possible,I want to improve my English as fast as I can...I can't even communicate with my classmate now...damn sad you know...I don't want this such thing to be happen anymore!

Louis,Pardon me, you English poor? Sorry,I not think so...but thanks a lot, I will try my best to improve it...


星影,Thank you very much!!Please kindly remind me if there is any mistake, ok?That's what friend's call, right? haha~really, thank you~

伊娃,Phew, your comment was so long...as what you said, my class full of bananas, I don't even dare to say hello to them...their fluent English, ya,as the machine gun, bang bang bang shot at me~Gosh...I must improve...

ah_man,Hope as you said, my English can improve in the future...sure I won't give up one!Thank you~

理芹,Thank you so much...where there is a will, there is a way...I know I can!

imjson,thanks a lot for your consolation...I feel more confident after this...really, thank you...

杰胜,I know what you mention...Thank you...I sure I can find my way somehow...

HansonLi,Thank you of your suggestion...that's useful...I will get use of it...~

阿梦,I know a can overcome with this, it just need some times...Thank you very much, I will try my best, bring I myself to my own dream!

发白日梦,Thank you! Some of my friends told me to do so, cause they improved themselves this way too! Thanks a lot! Late is better than never, right?

KazkiBear,I won't force I myself to speak very well in English within a day or a month la~That's sure impossible right?But I will try my best lo...Thank you~

彩虹王子,yupe yupe, sure I will~ Old but works, right?

布莱恩,Wow...That's amazing! Your English...That's awesome you know! However, Thanks a lot of your encouragement, I will be more confident in the future!




七仔,It's quite touching you know...Pray hard of me ei~I will try my best!!I won't disappoint you guys!

Secret Garden,thanks a lot dude...I will try my best la~

阿紫,actually my English not only cacat but worst than cacat...I will try my best la~

黑豆汤,thank you la~actually I hate them so...haha~we are Chinese but communicate in each others by using English...Haiz...


安德瓦特[稀客],then we try our best lo~English is damn difficult actually~Haiz...



幸福王子,I realized that no one can make the miracle after a night too...but I will try my best la~

小丑,Don't be like that la~smile always ok? No matter how we still need to face the music, so face it with a happy face lo~

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