'Fear syndrome' before the exam...

Gosh...Early in the morning
suddenly woke up and realized that
there is now no more count down for my final exam anymore...
As the exam will be started tomorrow.
I was like ought to study now but then don't know why
I feel very nervous this point of time
as I don't really study all my subjects very well...
can you like feel the burden?
If I fail in this final examination
twenty thousand Ringgit will just fly away
and I have to spend twenty thousand Ringgit more if I retake Law...
In other words...RM40000 I have to spend on this
if I fail the final examination which start from tomorrow.
Well, I know fourty thousand
for certain rich guys that's nothing
it is just like no a big deal for them
so they never worry about this
but for me...it's really a big deal.
I am so nervous now.
I can't even calm down and think properly.
all things just like bomb into my brain
and my head like going to explode.
I don't want to fail.
I don't want to retake.
But now...I can't even hold my pen properly.
I am so scare now...
but I will try my best to go through the exam...
guys, wish me good luck...
I know I have to be confident...right?
May the good luck always be with me.
Once again, I know my English sucks
but at least I give it a try
so stop criticize my grammar
I feel grateful if you want to correct my grammatically mistake
but please if you just intend to embarrass me
please just go away and mind your own business.
just go to be English teacher if you really think your English is good enough
some English expert will help me in my English (Thank you Amelia :) )
and some more this is my business.
Please don't ever step in my world as you are not welcome.
Thank you for your co-operation.

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可乐苡 Chloe said...


wish you best of luck..
good luck in final exam!!

.jeannie. said...

you should have faith in yourself and just get rid of all those negative thinking.be confident.im sure you can do it.
i wish you luck for the finals. :)

imjson said...

no matter what~
you still have us
to support you all the time
stop thinking about those unnecessary to burden you and just concentrate on your study.

cheers man!!
figh-to!!! (jaoanese :P)

Huey Shin said...


橙子 @ Kar Ping said...

你必须保持着 多读一面就多几分 的态度来温习..

=ah.kEnt= said...

你已经很不错啦 但还要加强

thomas said...

support you and good luck in your final examnation, god bless...
Well, everybody has his weakness, but the things we should know is, one should improve his/her weakness by accepting all the critism,only critism and ideas cn makes u a better person...:)
RM20K = 8 years tuition fee for my course...

fufu said...

hahaha :) my english also bad... well we are not english eductaed, take it easy... as long as we can handle dairy conversation... that's enough... concentrate on your exam... relax and dont stress yourself too much ok? all the best

巨蟹男 said...

u can do it!

good luck in your final exam
and all the best...

Cady said...

Hey, your English is really not bad in this post! Other I don't know lah... hahahhaha~~~

Just wanna cheer you up and encourage you.
Gambathe ne..

嘿嘿 said...


小煒司礫 said...

all the best for u
dont think too much unnecessary things by now..
move it bro ^^

ur english vry pro already,
who say ur english is suck?
let me kill it...

AmeliaLove said...

It's over now. (:
And yes I'm here for you always.

We'll meet again soon, Casanova.

蔥爆牛肉Frank said...