I'm lost.

Can someone tells me...where to find myself back on track?
I have no idea what's happened to I myself.
I feel like...lost...like in everything.
Wake up everyday in the morning without direction
I guess the only thing I'm better than a zombie
Is I don't eat brains.
Walk like a dead body without soul in it.
Sometimes I really do not know what exactly I want
I know. I really do know that you can't wish for something which is unreachable
Even you give it a try or two
It just won't change the fact that it's out of your capability.
Well. That's life huh.

3 comment:

Cedric Ang said...

Don't worry I am here.

ßlυeÿe 小蓝 said...

In fact, that's call life.
Be strong, even when you dont have anyone who you love so much, but I'm sure somewhere will be someone who love you so much. So, just live for him/her/them.


小煒 said...

just try ur best :)